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Some nice things people have said about Appleton Photo Training

“I took my time to choose a tutor that I felt could give me what I needed, working as a coach myself I understood how important it was to pick someone that wouldn’t pick one size fits all in their teaching style. So I took my time to look around, there are many many tutors / teachers / coaches out there that have the ability to work between huge gaps in ability of their students but yet find and understand exactly what is needed to ensure that each one improves.

The Complete Photographer Course, is exceptional in it’s itinerary in how it covers off and challenges even the most competent of photographer, it covers off different genres, but it’s beauty is it’s structure of absolutely nailing the basics but mixing theory with exceptional practical work. The icing on the cake however is Andrew Appleton, putting the wonderful, engaging nature aside, his technical, creative, relaxed yet focused mind and personality really make this course exceptional. Shooting street photography in the morning, then a model shoot in the mid day sun on a beach, then onto a child shoot in ever changing afternoon light and finally a late afternoon dramatic 1940’s railway model shoot, will test everyones ability, but Andrew is there as a guiding hand, to push you to levels you didn’t think possible.

I come away from 5 days, a much better technical photographer than I was before, but I also come away with an energy, focus and plan on what I want to do next, but that’s only 75% of what you get, the final 25% are the connections you make, the friendships that you build,  the life experience you achieve, bonding with the 3 other photographers and the most amazing models that Andrew works with.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve had so much value for money in a photography course, i simply cannot praise Andrew and Helen on this course enough, thank you” Owen Clements

I've been on several of Andrews courses, workshops and trips and have to say they have all been superb.. His training style is relaxed and informal, reaching all levels of expertise  in the one course whether you are a beginner or an accomplished photographer you will always learn something from him. . the courses I have been on have given me ample shooting time (its not all classroom work and watching the trainer do all the shooting - as some trainers do) . Andrew is on-hand to help you out if required whilst you are shooting . If you are looking for a great trainer I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew  and any of his many courses.. I intend booking on  more workshops in the future. Howard Ashton-Jones

I've done a couple of courses with Andrew and found them really enjoyable and useful. He is very knowledgeable, approachable and happy to share his expertise. I'd recommend anyone to go on his courses to improve their portfolio, knowledge and general photography. Karen Gavin

I have done several seminars, workshops and training days with Andrew. He is very generous with his knowledge and a great teacher. His training days are such fun, and the friendly environment is great for learning and asking questions. Every time I attend any workshops with Andrew, I leave inspired, with a head full of knowledge and ideas. I always look forward to the next workshop, and have several on my to do list. I can't recommend him highly enough. Imelda Bell

I have been on around 15 of Andrews workshops and Portfolio days and can't praise him enough, his photographic skills are incredible but he also teaches with a very relaxed manner which makes it easier to understand for us mere mortals.... The workshops are incredibly varied which is what has kept me coming back for more.

I have learnt so much and I'm so thankful that i stumbled across him. if you want to progress your photography then this guy is who you need to see, thoroughly recommended.

Mark Lynham

Having attended two of Andrew's workshops recently I, without hesitation, would recommend him. The workshops are most enjoyable and instructive reflecting Andrew's warm personality and exceptional technical knowledge and experience. Les Stringer

I've been on a number of Andrew's courses and also been fortunate enough to be mentored directly by him. He has a very wide knowledge of many aspects of photography - lighting, composition, editing to name just a few - and he always conveys the information in a way that you can understand and remember. Andrew builds good relationships with his students and remains available after his courses to answer questions and provide honest feedback. Rob Hill

I have been on quite a few of Andrews events training, portfolio building days, and even one of his European trips to Castello Ceconi in northern Italy.

I have found Andrew to be an brilliant teacher his teaching method is second to none  very easy to understand and fun.

The models Andrew uses for his events are superb you will always come away with some great photos like the one above.

the photo above was taken at Castello Ceconi  it was the last photo of the trip using all the knowledge Andrew had taught you to set up this photo he even borrowed the local restaurant owner and his motorcycle just to add that final touch to the image.

I am already booked on his next Euro trip because being in the presence of Andrew and the other Photographers for over a week you pick up so much information and tips looking Forward to it Andrew. Colin Daniels

I first attended one of Andrew's 2hr workshops through the Photovision Roadshow last September, and knew I wanted to book onto his courses - Andrew has a really easy to understand way of explaining.  I booked onto the Mastering Speedlights course, and now have a much clearer understanding of using flash even outside (which is not really something I ever did).  Hoping to book onto one of the Night Shooter workshops next.  Definitely recommend him if you want to expand your knowledge! Theresa Whyte

Andrew's training is fantastic! I've done several courses with him and will definitely be doing more in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to further their knowledge and improve their photography. Miranda Walton

I have attended several of Andrew's portfolio builder days and can only give him the highest recommendation as a trainer and general go-to guy with anything photography related.  He is approachable and has the ability to share his vast knowledge. My best portfolio work came from sessions arranged by Andrew. Adriaan

A huge turning point for me this year was Andrew's Complete Photographer course. Eat, sleep, drink photography - it was fantastic  Imelda Bell

As I complete beginner when it comes to Photography and studio work, I was very much of an open mind when it came to attending the beginners course to Studio Flash Photography. However, with Andrew Appleton’s patient instruction and the excellent facilities available, the pace of the course was set precisely right for my level. I learnt many things which I would not have even considered and realised a whole new world opening up for me. The course started by covering the technical side which was key to getting the right picture in the afternoon session and was surprisingly interesting considering it was based on Physics!! The afternoon session which involved working with a professional model is not something many people would ordinarily have the opportunity to do, especially with one who had so much enthusiasm whilst having bundles of patience. I am very pleased with what I have learnt and the pictures I took will compliment my portfolio perfectly. I was made to feel very comfortable and the group size was just right so it made the day much more involved. I would thoroughly recommend this for anyone with an interest in learning Studio Photography and would definitely attend further courses hosted by Andrew Appleton/Village Studios. The only downside for the day would be it had to end!’

'Having attended this course, it has opened a new dimension to lighting techniques, both in Studio / Home, or on location. Andrew has shown how from a simple one light setup, you can achieve different results. Since the workshop, I have managed to be more creative with lighting techniques. Dramatic lighting result doesn't necessarily mean expensive equipments.' Jonathan Chung

One should never stop learning or exploring new genres of photography or any other career that you are working in. This particular course was run by Andrew Appleton, a Guild of Photographers Panel Member and highly respected fashion photographer. It was held at the Blackthorn School of Photography at the end of August. The morning session covered styles and current trends in fashion and beauty photography. After lunch we got down to shooting with our subject being the amazing professional model, Lulu Lockhart, fabulously made up and styled by Helen Appleton.
Various studio lighting set ups were utilised with beauty dishes, a bare strobe to create a harsh shadow (currently in vogue in fashion photography – no pun intended) and a four light soft box window which created amazing results. There were only three other photographers on the course so we all had a nice long session behind the camera photographing Lulu. I was also extremely pleased that the Guild of Photographers, who operate the Blackthorn School, decided to use one of my images on the School’s regular newsletter.
Chris Ambrose

I had the pleasure of attending Andrews Beauty and Fashion course at Full circle studios and I was really impressed in the content of the course from a classroom based session to the step by step process in the actual practical set up of each lighting set. Andrew is a real professional and very organised and I his courses are the best photography courses I have been on 🙂

Thank you Andrew.

BoudoirFusionPhotography said...
I booked a private one on one course with Andrew and was hesitant at first as I had flown over from South Africa. What an awesome experience I had! Andrew was extremely professional and knowledgeable of his trade. He always had a hint and a suggestion and gave me exactly what I required in my brief. He was not at all pretentious, I really had a lot of fun with him and would definitely recommend him to any photographer wanting to brush up on their skills or learn new skills as I did.

...I searched for a while to find some workshops to further progress my photography and then stumbled across an 'Introduction to Studio Lighting' at a local studio that was run by Andrew Appleton. At this point in my photography experience (just under a year) i had no experience of studio lighting, or even studio but i have to say that attended that workshops is one of the best things i have ever done, and i have now done a further 11 workshops covering a huge array of techniques, styles and genres and my photography has defintely progressed. What I like about Andrews workshops is that they are limited to 6 places, you have plenty of individual shoot time, but most of all its Andrews relaxed and informative approach to the workshops, it really does feel like you're among friends theres, as i was worried that i would be out of my depth to start off with but the help and guidance i received was second to none, which is why i have now completed so many workshops. As a side issue i have also got to know some great people during these workshops, people who just want to share their experience with you and many of them are now friends. I would highly recommend Andrews workshops to anyone who is looking to improve their photography skills, both behind and in front of the camera. Mark Lynham

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