Georgia Annable - Vlogging Across 5 Countries

Autumn is here! The colours are fabulous and you just want to get out there and shoot some great photography. Don’t get me wrong. I feel the same. But a little part of me still hankers for the warmth of the summer sunshine. More specifically, Italian summer sunshine and the happy memories it brings with it.
So I thought, don’t just daydream, remember Georgia Annable’s vlogs from last year’s Fly ’n’ Shoot? Yes! Georgia travelled down with us at the end of June to Lake Garda. Here, she modelled for a small group of photographers on an Italian mini break and she documented the trip with video and stills. Georgia’s vlogs took me right back.
If you want a flavour of the trip - a general taste of van life; where we stopped on the way down; where we shot when we got there; what we ate and drank (actually, quite a lot of eating and drinking as it turns out) - and lots of sunshine 🙂 feel free to take a look.