Paris – A Stylist’s Perspective

We arrive in the French capital when most sensible Parisians are still in bed – about 5am. Tired, and a little bus-bent (if that’s a word), everyone perks up at the prospect of getting some shots of our ballerina around the Eiffel Tower. The first task is to find a functioning toilet… but I digress.

While Alexa gets ready, all the photographers toddle off to look at the light (it’s what they do), leaving us to concentrate on the styling (the important bit). I had selected in advance a pale pink evening gown, with a full-length skirt which would allow plenty of movement and the design includes plenty of sparkle to evoke a romantic look which will match the location. Early morning sun is on everyone’s wish list.

I said that most people were in bed but, like most cities, Paris never sleeps. Wedding and fashion photographers get up very early to take advantage of the iconic backdrop ‘sans touristes’ so we are not quite alone. It doesn’t matter. There is room for everyone. With cameras, tripods and lenses at the ready and whatever advice and instruction is required from Andrew, everyone is well-prepared. Alexa is just the best dancer to shoot: a consummate professional who is sensitive to the needs of the photographer. She will hold or repeat steps so that each person can get the best possible photographic opportunity. And the dress looks stunning. And the hair stays put. I am happy too.

After this, we are all pretty ravenous but Andrew is keen for everyone to get some shots down on the cobbled, tree-lined banks of the Seine. So, it’s back to the bus for a quick change into a cream beaded vintage dress and scarf which looked supremely elegant in the morning sunshine.

Then it is time for breakfast! Steve had parked the bus right opposite a lovely little café which is just perfect. Le Petit Dejeuner International all round! With full tummies, we move on. Next step: Dijon!

Written by Helen Lesley MUA

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