Mille Miglia 2017

A Photo-tourist in Piazza Sul Brenta and Citadella

Having volunteered to write the blog for one day of the tour, I certainly drew the “long straw” in being chosen for Day 7!

Making no bones about it, this tour is “full on”.  However, Day 7 is “chilled” with a leisurely breakfast, followed by some free time to catch up on processing, before setting off at 11.15 for the beautiful small town of Piazza Sul Brenta, which is only about half an hour away from our hotel, for the first shoot of the day.

Steeped in history and atmosphere, and with the backdrop of a fabulous grand villa built in 1546, Piazza Sul Brenta provides the perfect setting for a “freestyle” shoot and we each have a 15-minute slot with both Alexa and Nadia.  As per every shoot on this tour, they look fabulous. 

In between “shoot slots”, we are free to wander this idyllic photoset and grab some shots of whatever catches the eye, or simply relax in the shaded café area for a while.

In the afternoon, we head to the lovely walled town of Cittadella, which is less than half an hour away.  The plan is that three of the party will be working  in sequential 1-2-1 sessions with Andrew and Nadia, while the tourists not shooting 1-2-1 (me included) take advantage of some more 15-minute individual shoots with Alexa, with Steve’s helpful advice on hand, if it is needed.

However, this is where the “curved ball” comes into play in the form of the 2017 Mille Meglia.  As we arrive in Cittadella, we realise that this historic motoring event will be coming through the town from later that afternoon and through the evening!  As any motor enthusiast will know, that actually is a fairly big deal!

So, somewhat distracted by this unplanned opportunity, while the other tourists shoot away merrily and get some amazing images with Alexa and Nadia, I work the street and take on the challenge of some extremely confined panning shots, as the high-performance front-running cars come through.  Later, after a superb meal in a lovely restaurant, I enjoy “rich pickings” in low light as the classic cars come through the check point. I am like a kid with a new box of Lego!

The day ends with a short group night-shoot with Alexa and Nadia together, looking fabulous, as always, where we take advantage of shop window lighting to get some great fashion-style shots.  All followed by a well-earned Peroni, of course, then back at the hotel, less than 30 minutes away.

Superb day (again!).  Thanks guys!

Written by Nigel Doherty

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Alexa Hilton dancing at Piazzula Sul Brenta