Venice Fly 'n' Shoot

Christmas is great and I don’t want to wish the holiday season away but… I really can’t wait to get started on our programme of 2018 photography trips!

People often say to me that they’d love to do a Roadtrip but they just can’t spare the time. That got me thinking. 8 days travelling through Europe with like-minded individuals takes some beating but there had to be a compromise. What I came up with the Italy Fly ’n’ Shoot. Four hours on a plane there and then back again cuts down time spent away.

make the most of some of northern Italy’s most beautiful locations

 It means we can’t visit as many countries but, with careful planning, we can still make the most of some of northern Italy’s most beautiful locations.

So, how did I choose where we would visit on this one? Here’s my rationale: No two trips are the same but there are places that are just so hard to beat that it’s worth going again. It means that we give you the opportunity to shoot in locations that we know really work - with all the added training and styling benefits we can offer.

the opportunity to shoot in locations that we know really work


Venice was a no-brainer because it’s traditionally so popular with photographers. And it’s unique. From experience, we’ve found that people like to shoot at sunrise and sunset but that makes it one long and very tiring day. So we will make two trips to Venice: one focuses on the sunrise and the essence of early morning activity on the floating city; the second trip includes a fully-styled fashion model and extends to the sunset hour.

Just an hour from Venice but worlds away in other respects, the medieval city of Padova was my absolute first choice for our 4-night base camp. I want to give people a flavour of Italy and the 3-star family-run hotel we love fits the bill perfectly. Our host, Dario, is a real gentleman, very charming and accommodating. Padova is great for architectural shots and street photography as well as fashion, lifestyle and portraiture. Classic Italy: frescos, a domed basilica - the lot.

Cittadella, an ancient walled city

For a different atmosphere, I voted to return to Cittadella, an ancient walled city, smaller and more relaxed than Padova. Concealed behind the cobbles, arcaded walkways, cafes, restaurants and boutiques is a maze of back streets lined with colourfully painted houses. I am always bowled over by the charm of this place. The atmosphere is unique, the people friendly and the photographic opportunities inspiring. Come on, why would I miss out Cittadella?

a town built around a Patrician Baroques-style palace

The smallest of the four locations I picked is a town built around a Patrician Baroques-style palace.
Villa Contarini in Piazzola Sul Brenta has a history as interesting as its architecture but there are other backdrops for your photography which have a more rustic flavour. I always think that the town has a rather sleepy quality and it’s a lovely contrast to the other three shoot locations.

So that’s next June and I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet. Better get onto that soon then.

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