A dancer en pointe - an example of 'dragging the shutter' from a dance photography workshop

What You Will Learn

To set up and utilise Lightroom for your style of photography - revolutionising your workflow
Speedy image editing in Lightroom - replicate adjustments over any number of images, effortlessly
How to export images, optimised for web and print - Lightroom’s presets save you bags of time

Do you waste precious time searching for images on your computer? Spend far too long in Photoshop? Adobe Lightroom is for all photographers who want to significantly improve the way they organise and edit their images. This one-day course will help you revolutionise the way you work, streamlining your workflow and saving you lots and lots of time and effort.

It’s a supremely powerful piece of software: a sophisticated photo library system combined with a quick post-processing tool. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, no matter what you shoot, this is your chance to learn from a trainer who adopted the program in its infancy and has been using it for years. Andrew will share his knowledge and understanding of Lightroom, fast-tracking you through the process of setting it up and making it work for you.

The day’s training is split into four clearly-defined sections:

  1. Setting up Lightroom for your specific photography needs. We are all different. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, your optimum workflow pattern will differ from that of a landscape photographer. Therefore, this element of the course is designed to address how to configure Lightroom to suit the way you work. You will learn everything from importing and sorting, to backing up your images efficiently. For photographers on the move, discover how Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile can help you review, sort and even edit images when you are away from you desktop.
  2. Using Lightroom as a powerful and time-efficient editing tool. Learn how to use the Develop module for global and local adjustments, synchronising settings across hundreds of images instantly. Presets combined with virtual copies make What If? scenarios super easy. We dig deep into this function so that you become confident with how to import existing presets and create your own.
  3. Working with external programs. How far can you go with Lightroom? This section shows you how it dovetails neatly with other applications for images which require more complex post-processing. As well as a number of third party plugins, we look at how Lightroom works hand-in-hand with Photoshop for tasks such as skin-retouching, reshaping and creating composites.
  4. Exporting from Lightroom for print and web. Once you’re happy with the results, Lightroom helps you share your finished edits, appropriately formatted for each of your chosen media. You will learn how to set up export presets that correctly size and sharpen your images - and watermark if necessary - for a range of platforms. Discover how to use Publish presets to keep your website automatically up to date.

How Lightroom fits into your photography workflow
The difference between Lightroom Classic and Bridge
The difference between Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC
Setting up Lightroom classic
How to use catalogues and collections
Essential keyboard shortcuts
Importing, renaming and backing up files
Sorting, searching and filtering your files
Exporting and publishing
Integrating Lightroom Mobile
Import and export presets
The web module - creating web pages
Global and local editing in Lightroom
Installing and using Presets and Profiles
Essential plugins
When and how to work with external editors including Photoshop

You will be supplied with a course notebook and a copy of the presentation slides. Bring a pen, notepad and memory stick.

Hot and cold drinks are provided but we suggest you bring a snacks. There is a shop within 2 minutes walk of the venue if you wish to purchase food on the day.

Photographers who have installed the free trial and got confused with catalogues, collections etc
Photographers who spend too much time in Photoshop
Photographers who have never looked at Lightroom
Photographers who shoot events
Photographers who want a fast, efficient and resilient workflow tailored to their own photography

“I took my time to choose a tutor that I felt could give me what I needed, working as a coach myself I understood how important it was to pick someone that wouldn’t pick one size fits all in their teaching style. So I took my time to look around, there are many many tutors / teachers / coaches out there that have the ability to work between huge gaps in ability of their students but yet find and understand exactly what is needed to ensure that each one improves.

The Complete Photographer Course, is exceptional in it’s itinerary in how it covers off and challenges even the most competent of photographer, it covers off different genres, but it’s beauty is it’s structure of absolutely nailing the basics but mixing theory with exceptional practical work. The icing on the cake however is Andrew Appleton, putting the wonderful, engaging nature aside, his technical, creative, relaxed yet focused mind and personality really make this course exceptional. Shooting street photography in the morning, then a model shoot in the mid day sun on a beach, then onto a child shoot in ever changing afternoon light and finally a late afternoon dramatic 1940’s railway model shoot, will test everyones ability, but Andrew is there as a guiding hand, to push you to levels you didn’t think possible.

I come away from 5 days, a much better technical photographer than I was before, but I also come away with an energy, focus and plan on what I want to do next, but that’s only 75% of what you get, the final 25% are the connections you make, the friendships that you build,  the life experience you achieve, bonding with the 3 other photographers and the most amazing models that Andrew works with.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve had so much value for money in a photography course, i simply cannot praise Andrew and Helen on this course enough, thank you”Owen Clements

A huge turning point for me this year was Andrew's Complete Photographer course. Eat, sleep, drink photography - it was fantastic Imelda Bell

This is a seminar style course. You will be provided with workbooks to take away.

The course is held at Barkwith Hall, East Barkwith, Lincolnshire.


Lincoln Road, East Barkwith, Lincoln, LN8 5RW, England


East Barkwith Hall is a large space near to Appleton Photo Training’s head office and is used for larger events. There is ample on-site parking plus a village shop, post office and a pub opposite. It is situated between Wragby and Louth on the A157, there are regular buses from Lincoln.

  • Mastering Lightroom
    February 1, 2020
    11:00 am - 5:00 pm