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Mastering Dance Photography - Beyond the Basics - Kent

What you will learn

  • To capture the magic of two dancers (male+female) in a range of positions and choreographed dance moves
  • Ways to boost your dance photography skills: lighting, framing and tracking more than one dancer
  • Break through to the next level: use innovative techniques to produce super creative dance images

One Day, Two Dancers

So you’ve got the basics of photographing a dancer successfully under your belt - and now it’s time to take a step up! Mastering Dance Photography: Beyond the Basics is an innovative one-day workshop in which you will learn how to capture the spirit and the passion of two professional dancers. Between them, our male and female performers will conjure up for you the magic of dance. Expect energy, electricity and lots of strong narrative. What we give you are the skills to transform all this into head-turning images.

It’s a full day of learning to light, direct and shoot a male dancer, a female dancer and a pas de deux. In Mastering Dance Photography: The Essentials, the emphasis was on timing, shoot angles and lighting control. Beyond the Basics builds on your technique and takes it further; up-skilling is definitely the byword here. Photographing two dancers possesses infinite possibilities for getting creative, whether it be low key or high key shots; freezing or blurring the movement of both classical ballet and contemporary dance choreography.

Three Teachers

And this is where Andrew began his own photography career, shooting live performance in theatres. Years on, he now travels the world, running photography workshops and courses; in Beyond the Basics, he shares his consolidated behind-the-lens knowledge and understanding of the genre. Pick his brains! He will be giving you all the tips he has learnt over the years.

In addition to tuition from Andrew, you will benefit from the considerable expertise of two working professional dancers who are also excellent teachers of their art form. Both dance internationally with some of the world’s most prestigious ballet companies. In effect, you have three rich sources of knowledge and they are all yours to learn from throughout the day. How to capture the form, movement and mood of this highly expressive art form, through creative lighting, precise timing and technical accuracy - it’s yours, nothing is held back. By the end of the day, you will be able to critique your own work and, just as importantly, understand how to improve and perfect your technique.


A number of variables combine to make dance one of the most fascinating and emotive genres in photography. The classroom session covers all the critical elements which come together in a perfect dance shot. From his broad experience, Andrew is able to advise you on lens choice and optimum focus methods, in addition to the importance of lighting, shooting angle, framing and timing.

Practical Shoot Time

After the tutorial, you will be ready to put your learning into practice. The course is for no more than 8 photographers, to allow sufficient time for each student to shoot individually.

The afternoon is broken down into four key focus areas:

Timing – A refresher on anticipating the peak of a dance movement, this section is designed to get you concentrating on capturing both dancers separately at the optimum split-second.

Tracking the two dancers – Building on your timing skills, your next challenge is to capture and freeze both dancers as they perform a duet to music. Under Andrew’s guidance, you will draw on all the methods you have been taught during the morning session to capture a series choreographed dance moves at the optimum moment and in the optimum place in the frame.

Static posing – This element focuses on the physical form. You will work with different lighting set-ups specifically designed to enhance shape and create specific moods.

Creative blur – Here is your opportunity to work on some creative photography, using constant light, flash and gels. It’s a chance to play with the abstract! You will learn how to express movement, mood and form in unique and contemporary ways.

  • Refreshments on arrival, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Classroom tuition from an award-winning trainer
  • Hands-on practical shoot time to practise and embed your learning
  • 2 Professional Dancers

You will need an interchangeable lens camera that can shoot in manual and has a standard hot shoe.

We suggest bringing lenses that cover the following focal lengths, don't worry if you don't have these you can complete the course with a standard kit lens.

Full Frame Sensors. 24mm - 200mm

APS 1.5 Crop 18mm - 150mm

MFT 2x Crop 14mm - 100mm

This is an intermediate level course.

You should be familiar with your camera controls and be able to shoot in manual exposure mode. Manual focussing is not required. Previous experience of working with studio flash is not essential.

We strongly recomend you have attended the Mastering Dance Photography course or have a significant amount of dacne photography experience.

I attended Andrew's dancing workshop today, I turned up to a warm welcome today with a full rundown of the days events. We started with what equipment we would need and the differences between them.

I really appreciated this part of the day rather then just being told what settings and taking hundreds of images I could not reticulate. I really feel reassured I can replicate what we learnt today and feel it is the difference of Andrews training.

The dancer Andrew used was also brilliant helping us as photographers to understand what the dancer requires and not what we need as photographers, that was a real eyeopener as well.

A huge thank you to you Andrew and your team, was a phenomenal day. Highly recommended


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Linton, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4AW, UK


This venue has plenty of free car parking space just opposite the hall.

  • Mastering Dance Photography Beyond the Basics
    July 12, 2020
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm