Salisbury - June 22nd

What You Will Learn

To deploy multiple light setups, enabling you to address more complex and challenging tasks
Ways to get creative with gels and slow shutter speeds - and achieve exciting results
How to deconstruct lighting in images so that you can design your own creative lighting

You’re confident with the basics of studio lighting and now you want to get a little more creative. This course is the perfect follow-on from Mastering Studio Lighting, the Essentials. So, we begin with a short refresher session on the skills learnt in the Essentials. After that, we’re straight into shoot time with our professional model.

In the Essentials course, we focused on what you can achieve using a single light. In this course, you move on to multi-light setups. We introduce gels to the mix and show you how to achieve a range of interesting moods and effects, using more advanced modifiers, including spot and fresnel attachments.

Here’s how the shoots run. Before lunch, you will work with a classic three-point portrait setup: key light, fill light and accent light. After lunch, there are more shoots including the introduction of movement into your images by mixing constant light and flash, using slow shutter speeds. We also get busy with gels and a range of different modifiers.

The day rounds off with a look back at the shots you’ve taken and it’s time to study some example images. Having deconstructed a few different lighting setups, you’ll be charged up to go away and start planning your own lighting designs.

  • Refreshments on arrival, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Classroom tuition from an award-winning trainer
  • Hands-on practical shoot time to practice and embed your learning
  • A professional model
  • Comprehensive course notes

You will need a camera with interchangeable lenses that has standard hot shoe and can shoot in RAW file format. If you have an early Sony or Minolta DSLR please advise us in advance in order for us to provide a hot shoe adaptor.

We suggest bringing lenses that cover the following focal lengths, don't worry if you don't have these as you can complete the course with a standard kit lens.

Full Frame Sensors. 24mm - 200mm

APSC 1.5 Crop 18mm - 150mm

MFT 2x Crop 14mm - 100mm

This is a studio advanced introduction course. If you are new to studio lighting ee recommend completing the Mastering Studio Lighting - The Essentials course.

You should be familiar with your camera controls and be able to shoot in manual exposure mode. Manual focussing is not required. A basic understanding of working with studio flash will be helpful.

Had a fabulous Master Studio Lighting Course with Andrew yesterday 5/4/18. Andrew is a very good teacher, he explains things very clearly and takes time to reinforce his explanations if you are not sure about a topic. I will most certainly be booking more courses with Andrew, i was amazed at the results i got from the day and look forward to putting all i have learned into practice at home.

Many thanks for a brilliant day Andrew.
Lindsay Harper (Cou Rouge Photography)

Andrew ran a fantastic workshop on studio lighting at Saracen House studio. With the theory in the morning to practical exercises in the afternoon, I came away feeling much more confident of being in a studio environment. I'll be booking some more in the future.

Matthew D Crosby

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35 Glenmore Business Park, Telford Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7GL, England

  • June 22, 2019
    11:00 am - 5:00 pm