Milton Keynes - 23rd May 2020

After-Dark photography: another dimension

Nighttime in the city offers endless opportunities to get creative - if you know how to make the most of it. This 3-hour course teaches you the what, why and how of shooting on location after the sun goes down. We take a model and position her in urban settings that most people take for granted. But, as photographers, we can train our eyes to see the potential, turning mundane into magic, simply by the skilful use of light and composition. And if it rains, embrace the reflections! In one evening, this hands-on workshop equips you with all you need to know to take great pictures at night.

How the evening runs

The evening is split into two sections. We meet up while there’s still light in the sky and we discuss the content of the shoot. Our first location is chosen to teach you how balancing ambient light with artificial light can achieve dramatic results. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the gear; we bring triggers, speed lights etc. so, with a maximum of 8 photographers on the course, you get time to practise the skills required. You go home with useful reference shots and some cool images too.

By the time we’re ready for our next location, the sun has dropped. Now we’ll be shooting at high ISO and cracking out the wide aperture lenses. What we’re on the lookout for is interesting backdrops and city lights. They’re not hard to find. Shop windows, underpasses, office blocks, multi-storey car parks, passing traffic and more - the urban environment after dark is ablaze with opportunities to fire the imagination. You will experiment with a number of things here: distance between the ambient light and your subject; camera angle and distance from your subject; framing and composition. By the time we wrap, we guarantee you will literally have seen the light.

You will need your camera, for the first part a 24-70mm or equivalent lens is perfect. For the low light work we suggest prime lenses the have an aperture of f/1.8 or less. A 'nifty 50' is ideal. You will not need to bring a tripod or lights. 

It can get cold and sometimes even wet! Dress appropriately.

“I took my time to choose a tutor that I felt could give me what I needed, working as a coach myself I understood how important it was to pick someone that wouldn’t pick one size fits all in their teaching style. So I took my time to look around, there are many many tutors / teachers / coaches out there that have the ability to work between huge gaps in ability of their students but yet find and understand exactly what is needed to ensure that each one improves.

The Complete Photographer Course, is exceptional in it’s itinerary in how it covers off and challenges even the most competent of photographer, it covers off different genres, but it’s beauty is it’s structure of absolutely nailing the basics but mixing theory with exceptional practical work. The icing on the cake however is Andrew Appleton, putting the wonderful, engaging nature aside, his technical, creative, relaxed yet focused mind and personality really make this course exceptional. Shooting street photography in the morning, then a model shoot in the mid day sun on a beach, then onto a child shoot in ever changing afternoon light and finally a late afternoon dramatic 1940’s railway model shoot, will test everyones ability, but Andrew is there as a guiding hand, to push you to levels you didn’t think possible.

I come away from 5 days, a much better technical photographer than I was before, but I also come away with an energy, focus and plan on what I want to do next, but that’s only 75% of what you get, the final 25% are the connections you make, the friendships that you build,  the life experience you achieve, bonding with the 3 other photographers and the most amazing models that Andrew works with.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve had so much value for money in a photography course, i simply cannot praise Andrew and Helen on this course enough, thank you”Owen Clements

A huge turning point for me this year was Andrew's Complete Photographer course. Eat, sleep, drink photography - it was fantastic Imelda Bell


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