Boudoir Photography Training - lighting

Boudoir photography has become one of the most popular photographic styles in the last few years, with women of all ages purchasing prints and albums both for themselves and as gifts for their loved ones. But the images you give them must present them in their most pleasing aspect and must never disappoint. During this one-day Boudoir Photography Workshop, you will learn how to use daylight, tungsten and flash lighting to create an ambience appropriate to the client’s requirements. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to create beautiful Boudoir portraits using nothing but room lights.

Boudoir Photography Workshop – soft skills

Although lighting is critical, it is not all you will learn. Our boudoir photography training covers everything you need to know to create a range of moods. That can mean opulent and provocative or wistful and romantic; whatever the atmosphere, a delicate cocktail of intimacy and sensuality should always be maintained. For this reason, we work on some classic boudoir photography poses to flatter different figure types in different positions – reclining, sitting and standing - and we teach you how to direct your subject with respect and sensitivity. You want to make her feel at ease and to enable her to enjoy the experience; we give you an insight into the etiquette and ‘soft’ skills you will need to cultivate, in order to achieve the optimum working relationship.

To cover up or not to cover up: that is the question!

It sounds obvious but part of our Boudoir Photography training is to remind you that you need to really listen to your sitter and we show you how the use of fabric and props can address her specific needs and wishes. You will learn how to enhance attributes which the sitter feels are her best features and disguise those she wishes to obscure with the careful arrangement of drapery or items of lingerie in conjunction with the judicious use of light, composition and camera angle. In most cases, the Boudoir client will wish to retain an element of modesty and decorum. Suggestion is always preferable to revelation in Boudoir photography!

The practicalities

On a very practical level, you will cover how to operate in confined spaces and how to process your images in post to enhance the mood of the shot. We will have a minimum of three separate lighting set ups which include low key and high key with daylight; daylight alone; constant lights and flash. Our professional model will have a selection of lingerie to cover the range of different effects that can be achieved with colour and style in Boudoir Photography.

Is it for you? The best Boudoir Photography training outcome

Delegate numbers are kept to a maximum of 8 photographers, ensuring that everyone gets plenty of one-to- one shooting. This Boudoir Photography Workshop is aimed at photographers who are familiar with their camera controls but not necessarily currently working in Boudoir or with artificial lighting. Photographers new to Boudoir Photography training are well catered for.

Refreshments and a cream tea are included.


The Location

The workshop takes place at Withamside House, Newark

The Event

The workshop runs between 10am-5pm on the 26th August 2018.. The cost of the workshop is £199 per person. And is limited to a maximum of 8 photographers. Members of the Guild of Photographers qualify for a 12% discount on this workshop via a discount code. For information please contact

The Gear

You will need a DSLR or CSC camera plus suitable lenses. we recommend lenses that will cover 24 - 150mm on a full frame sensor, but please bring along your kit bag, and a notepad and pen. Please let us know if you are a Sony user. If you have any questions regarding equipment, please contact

The Model

The model for this event is Sharon Janney.


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  • August 26, 2018
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm