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2019 Wildlife Events

Brand New for 2019 are our UK Wildlife Experiences. With experiences available in Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Yorkshire and Surrey, from Bird of Prey to Wild Grey Seals you’re sure to capture some of the UK’s stunning wildlife.

While some experiences are truly in the wild, we have also teamed up with the English School of Falconry in Bedfordshire, and the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey to provide you unique access to these magnificent creatures, without fences wherever possible.

Every experience we offer comes complete with our qualified wildlife photographer and trainer to ensure that your photography advances through the day. From camera techniques to composition, how to capture stunning animal portraits and freezing animal & birds in motion. All while getting closer to nature than ever before.

Introduction to Bird of Prey Photography

Bedfordshire - 13th April 2019


The Bird of Prey Photography Experience

Bedfordshire - 29th June 2019


In this full day workshop, we start by covering camera settings and techniques to learn how to capture both static and flying birds.

We’ll take a look at what makes a successful avian portrait and a successful in flight shot. Our falconer will then join us along with one of the stars of the show and explain a little about these fascinating creatures................


The Sea Bird Photography Experience

Nr Bridlington, Yorkshire - 13th July 2019

In this 3-hour workshop, we get hands on learning to capture avian portraits and birds in flight. The key to this is not only understanding how our camera equipment works, but also the behaviour of the birds. By understanding this, we increase our chances of capturing that perfect in flight shot and environmental portrait.

We start the session with a quick meet & greet, and we then make our way to the cliff tops. Once there, we’ll scout the location to find our subjects and look at capturing some wonderful bird portraits.

We have a choice of two sessions on the 13th July. An AM session for the early birds, and a evening session.

AM Session

PM Session

The British Wildlife Photography Experience

Surrey - 20th September 2019

It is widely acknowledged that British Wildlife is one of the most challenging forms of photography out there. You can be up at the crack of dawn, spend hours stalking, or sitting patiently in a hide, hoping that the wildlife will come to you. Then, as soon as the creature appears, it’s gone again. An opportunity missed - what could be more frustrating?

Now, there’s nothing to match the feeling of achievement a photographer derives from capturing that magic moment in the wild, feeling at one with nature, but to make it happen requires a very specific set of skills. You need the appropriate camera skills and an understanding of the animals you are photographing to really take advantage of these amazing encounters. And that is exactly what our British Wildlife Photography Experience gives you.

The Grey Seal Photography Experience

Lincolnshire - 30th November 2019

A piece of natural history

For just a few weeks each year, RAF Donna Nook’s bombing practice beach becomes home to one of the county’s most remarkable natural phenomena. Each November and December, grey seals emerge from the North Sea at Donna Nook with a single purpose: to give birth to their pups near the sand dunes. You can get so close to these fascinating animals that this 10km stretch of Lincolnshire coastline has to be the best place in the UK to view seal colonies. This is, quite simply, natural history in action, replayed year on year. Why not make 2019 the year you document an event which literally helps to ensures the survival of the grey seal - right on our doorstep.