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How to Up Your Game on Safari

their official photography trainer

I’ve got some rather exciting news this week. Last year, we made friends with our neighbours at The Photography Show, the award-winning holiday company, On Track Safaris. The October Photography Safari to the Kruger National Park in October 2018 is a direct result of our alliance - and it sold out very quickly. At this year’s show, Will and Carol Fox once again occupied the stand next door and I am very pleased to announce that they have asked me to be their official photography trainer. This collaboration gives wildlife photographers something pretty unique.

30-year love affair with nature

Will, Carol and their associates across continents have an enormous amount of collective knowledge, understanding and experience. From On Track Safaris in India and Africa to the stunning and bio-diverse habitats of Dorset in the UK, these guys have had a 30-year love affair with nature and their passion was evident from the moment I met them. So, not only have they got the expertise but their dedication to wildlife research, conservation and protection is second to none. How could I resist?

atmosphere perfect for learning

Where we come in, of course, is the training. When you go on safari, it’s usually a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience and you want to return home with not just pictures but absolutely stunning pictures. You want to capture the atmosphere of the place and the creatures that live there, but with the best technical accuracy you can muster. That’s where tuition makes such a difference. I have seen, from our European Roadtrips, what an effective combination training and travel is. Being in a different and inspiring environment, day after new and exciting day - and in the company of other enthusiastic photographers - well, it seems to create a certain magic. And that provides an atmosphere perfect for learning. Each day, you build on what you learnt the previous day, with time to reflect and relax over a good meal in the evening.

I see this as a great opportunity for photographers. And for me? I am just so honoured and excited to be a part of this amazing programme.